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Detailed Installation Walkthrough

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How to install Video Poker for Winners (CD)

What follows are very detailed instructions to install and activate Video Poker for Winners from a CD.


Installation from CD

Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. The application should run automatically.

In case the install application does not automatically run:
1) Double-click My Computer on your desktop.
2) Double-click the CD-ROM drive.
3) Double-click on Setup from the list of files/icons.
4) Follow the installation instructions.

Note: If the installation still does not work, it may be necessary for the Microsoft .Net Framework to install on your system. This will require that you re-start your computer. After re-starting, the VPW installation should start again and should install automatically. If the installation does not resume automatically, start over with the instuctions above.

After installation, the following VPW icon should appear on your desktop.

Run the software

Double-click on the VPW icon to run Video Poker for Winners.

After the introduction screen loads, click on any game icon.


Obtaining your activation code

When you click to play a game, an Activation Window will appear:

After the program Activation Window pops up, click the GET CODE button. This will take you to the registration page.

Note: To activate your program, you must be connected to the Internet

Complete the registration form and you will arrive at the activation page.

On the activation Web page (shown above), you will enter the Site code and MID numbers from your program Activation Window.

The easiest way to ensure accuracy in entering these numbers is to copy and paste them directly from the activation window.

Copy and paste instructions:


Locate the Site code and MID on the program Activation Window


Highlight the text you would like to copy with your mouse by placing the cursor at the beginning of the text/numbers, clicking and holding the left mouse button and then dragging over the rest of the text. Release the mouse button and the text should be highlighted.


Press and hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and hit “C” on the keyboard while still holding down Ctrl. Then release both keys. You will not see anything happen at this point, but the text you have highlighted with the mouse will be stored on your computer. Then


Click where you want the text to go (usually in the corresponding text box on the activation web site). Then


Press and hold “Ctrl” again and press “V” while still holding it. The text you copied will appear. Using this process to copy and paste both the Site code and MID will ensure accuracy in entering them into the site.

After copying the codes into the activation Web page, click the "Generate Code" button. Your activation code will be generated.

If you receive the error "Decryption error: please check Site/MID code values." then you did not enter the codes correctly. Please use the copy/paste instructions above and ensure that the codes exactly match the codes on your activation window.

Your activation code is now shown on the screen.


Final activation

Copy and paste your activation code back into your program Activation Window using the same method as above (copy from the Web site to your program Activation Window).

Press the "Continue" button.

The program Activation Window will disappear and you will be taken to the gameplay screen. This window will no longer appear when you play Video Poker for Winners.

Your software is now activated. Enjoy!


Overcoming possible errors

Following are some errors that users have experienced and the corresponding solutions:

Your activation code was not entered correctly

Copy and paste the activation code using the instructions above and make sure that all of the characters have been copied successfully. There should be four sets of eight characters separated by a dash. If you accidentally copy a space before or after the activation code, you may only see seven characters in the final set.


There are two possible sources of this problem.

1) Your activation code was not entered correctly. Please copy and paste the activation code using the instructions above.

2) It is also possible that your site code and MID are no longer the same, so the activation code does not match. Check to make sure the Site code and MID that appear in your program Activation Window are the same as the ones you used to obtain the activation code. The activation code will only work with the Site code and MID that it was generated from. If your Site code and MID have changed on the same machine, please click here to receive a new activation code using the new numbers.


This error usually only occurs once and does not cause any problems with the software. If you see this error, restart your computer and then click to play Video Poker for Winners. Rebooting and starting the software again should resolve the problem. You should not encounter this error again following the installation of the product.


Please see the following document for the solution to this problem:
"Strong name validation failed" error


Installation Support

If you have followed these instructions and you still have further difficulties installing or activating your software, please visit our online support center at
or e-mail

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